Reviews from Happy Clients

“We are so honored to be apart of the team that made this beautiful home possible! This modern farmhouse was featured in last Fall’s Parade of Homes and has been named runner up for People’s Choice Best Exterior in the Cosmopolitan Home Magazine. The home was truly a group effort with great build quality by Lown Homes and amazing interior design by JULIE KAY Design. Way to go team!”

-42 North Architecture + Design

“Julie has worked with the Lown Homes team on several projects, including a Spring Parade Home in 2015.  Her attentiveness to details ensures that the design vision is transferred accurately to the work product.  With a passion for colors and their intentional use throughout the home, Julie helps customers navigate the task of paint color selection.  During the Parade of Homes we consistently received compliments on the color palette and requests for color details. We look forward to working on future projects with Julie.”

— Lown Homes

“Wow! Talk about a unique project! This large executive home caught an attic fire that that required a large volume of water to extinguish. The house was completely gutted immediately and subsequently restored with a new roof, most of the exterior and all interior finishes. Julie was there to help from the very beginning from acting as a project manager when activities needed to be coordinated to the most detailed design elements. Julie designed the entire interior as if new construction and coordinated the exterior existing elements with updated siding colors and design details. Her focus on the details through design to delivery allowed the construction team the ability to stay on track and on budget. Thanks Julie!”

— Jeremy Frost | Lown Homes LLC

“My living room was in need of some help. I didn’t even enjoy spending time in there because I didn’t like the color on the walls. I had made several trips to all the local paint departments hoping to find the right color. After many attempts and paint swatches painted on and taped on every wall in the room I knew I had to call an expert. Julie was the first one to come to mind because I had seen her home and knew she had a gift for color and design. Sure enough she agreed to help and within 30 minutes of being in my home she knew the right color. She understood the feeling and look I desired but couldn’t achieve myself. She also gave other suggestions on how to pull the room together to give me the space I had desired all along.”

— Sara & Josh

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